1. Parties to the contract.
The parties to this contract are E-obmen, hereinafter the Service, on the one hand, and the User, in the person of anyone who has joined this contract, on the other.
2. Terms used in this contract.
Service - an automated web product provided by the Service on the basis of this agreement. User - any and every person who agrees to the conditions proposed by the Service and joins this agreement. “Electronic units” - accounting units of the respective electronic settlement systems, indicating a certain amount of claim rights or other rights arising from the agreement of electronic settlement systems with its users. Application - information submitted by the User using the tools of the Service in electronic form, indicating his intentions to use the services of the Service on the terms proposed by the Service and specified in the application parameters.
3. Subject of the contract.
Using the technical means of the Service, by submitting an application, the User instructs, and the Service, for a fee on its own behalf and at the expense of the User, takes actions to receive and further transfer the amount of "electronic units" declared by the User to a person or persons who wish to purchase such for a monetary equivalent in the amount of not lower than provided for in the parameters of the application submitted by the User, as well as actions to transfer the cash equivalent in the amount specified in the parameters of the application to the details specified by the User. Any positive difference arising as a result of the above actions as an additional benefit received is transferred to the Service as a premium payment of commission services.
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